My Experience


I’m currently working with a crowdfunding startup called WildCrowd that launched in Dec 2016 after 12 months development. WildCrowd is a non-profit crowdfunding platform for environmental, conservation and animal welfare charities where they can raise funds, recruit volunteers and materials for their projects.


I first thought myself how to create a web site while working as Tech Support doing night shifts at ClaraNet in the late 90s, then a new Internet Provider in London. I quickly progressed and went on to work for a small technology company called Tenfore Systems. Tenfore provided day traders and small share dealing firms with access to real time LSE market data broadcast by satellite. There I managed installs and provided on going technical support to clients.

I moved on to Bloomberg where I worked on a call desk providing 2nd line support for their trading systems. But I quickly got recruited by Thomson Financial where I worked as a senior field engineer for several years. I was responsible for installing and supporting trading systems for major banks and financial institutions including Merrill Lynch, HSBC and Barcalys.

During those years I spend a lot of my spare time learning about internet technologies and applications, from very early versions HTML and web design to managing domains, hosting web sites and user interaction. My early career also provided me with a solid foundation in fault finding and problem solving which has proven to be invaluable. Then when the opportunity presented itself I took the big step, quit my job and went freelance..


I have worked with a wide range of different technologies, applications and web solutions. Now with 20 years online experience it’s made me very proficient at managing every aspect of a web site.

I currently specialize in the following areas:

Web Site Management

I have extensive experience in working with all aspects of managing and setting up web sites. This includes installing applications, hosting, setting up domains, managing DNS records, email and CDN (content distribution network) as well basic tasks such as managing file uploads, htaccess etc.

Web Design

I’m fluent in HTML5, CSS3 and LESS. As a designer I work with the Bootstrap framework developed by Twitter. I don’t rely on visual applications and instead hand code my own work, this has helped me to develop my understanding of the structure of web sites and proved invaluable when fault finding. I closely follow usability guidelines and always strive to use current W3C standards. The websites I create are always responsive and designed to work on all types of devices.


Ecommerce development using Magento CMS (developed by EBay). Its probably the most comprehensive system available and used by many major ecommerce sites. It’s a complex system but handles everything including orders, invoicing and stock management. I use Magento for my own online shop in Sweden that I run together with my brother. We focus on electric heating and climate products for domestic consumers, such as radiators, heaters, extractor fans and more recently solar panels.


Wed development using WordPress for publishing and creating sites. The most popular CMS today, used by millions of web sites. WordPress offers fast deployment of a site and flexibility for the site owner and access to advanced functionality. I use WordPress for creating web sites for local businesses and professionals. I offer a complete service where I design, maintain and host their WordPress sites as well as providing support and advice.

Google Apps

I use Google Apps extensively for myself and clients as it offers a solid and reliable email service. Google also gives you a way to manage and synchronize users calendars (including team/shared), contacts, online storage, apps and much more. It works flawlessly on all devices and reduce problems with spam and security as its entirely hosted by them.

Relevant Skills

I have working experience with many applications and technologies:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), CDN such as Cloudflare, Structured Data (, CloudConvert, Sass with Compass, Pagespeed / GT Metrix, HTML5 Videos, Video Streaming, Movable Type, Wowza Media Server, Flowplayer, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Ads, SSH, mySQL, JavaScript, Grunt, CGI / Perl, Graphic and photo editing…

I’m proficient both in using and providing support of desktop applications such as Office, Windows, Email Clients and wide range of other software. Working as a field engineer gave me the knowledge to repair, upgrade and build computers (PC) as well as handle networks and wireless technology.

Personal Development

Apart from working as a web developer I’m currently studying for a degree in Environmental Science through the Open University. The degree gives you the scientific knowledge and techniques needed to understand environmental patterns, processes and ecosystems. It also gives you a very clear awareness of the major environmental issues we face.

A part of my life is dedicated to the practice of Iyengar Yoga, named after its original teacher Sri B.K.S Iyengear. The teaching helps you with correct alignment of your body in poses (Asanas), builds core strength, gives you flexibility, improves concentration and increases your well-being.